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PADev-Style Evaluation for The Hunger Project in Benin, Final Report (2015)

Participatory Assessment of Development


During the forth and last round of fieldwork (January - February 2012) the PADev team revisited two sites of the first round: Langbinsi in Northeast Ghana and Tô in Southern Burkina Faso. One of the activities during the last fieldwork was to present our findings to local stakeholders and discuss these with them. For this purpose some one-page infosheets were drafted that summarized findings from different reports. The infosheets can be downloaded below.

For Langbinsi:

  • Langbinsi workshop report by Fred Zaal et al
  • PADev: The way forward by Zjos Vlaminck
  • Impact of projects on wealth groups
  • Inclusion of the poor by Agnieszka Kazimierczuk
  • Assessment of environmental projects by Geneviève Audet-Bélanger
  • Long-term impact of development interventions by Martha Lahai

For Tô:

  • Résumé du rapport de l’atelier de Tô. In French and in Moré

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