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PADev-Style Evaluation for The Hunger Project in Benin, Final Report (2015)

Participatory Assessment of Development


Five-minute video, made by Roger Bymolt, explaining the PADev method with footage from a PADev workshop in Langbinsi, Northern Ghana



Interview with Prof Ton Dietz by the Dutch public broadcaster NOS on the occasion of his inaugural speech at the African Studies Centre in Leiden (the Netherlands). In this interview, Ton Dietz shares his optimism about current trends in Africa.

Date: 14 January 2011
Language: Dutch
Play time: 6 min. 34 sec


In this video Prof Ton Dietz (University of Amsterdam & African Studies Centre, Leiden) introduces the methodology of the Participatory Assessment of Development research project, which aims to improve the evaluation of development interventions in Africa. The research approach is participatory and holistic. The video contains an interview supported with images from the field (Northern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso).

Interview, camera and editing: Kees van der Geest

Play time: 10 min 26 sec



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